07.16.2015 The Proverbial Ball is a-Rollin'!

Things are progressing so quickly. WHICH IS SO EXCITING! This morning I met with the director of Bayside Discovery Center to give her a brief rundown of the Sign Language enrichment curriculum that I'll be teaching to the little ones in her pre-school and VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten, for all you non-Floridians) classes, and to hammer out a few of the details of the group classes that I'll be offering outside of school hours in the BDC facility. The enrichment curriculum will also be offered to the students of Dairy Road Discovery Center, and that will begin at both centers the week that public schools start here in Brevard County, which is August 12th. Which is less than a month away. Which means... Eeeek! Back to school already?! I think I'm going to be signing so much once school starts that I'll be signing in my SLEEP because I'm very excited to have been given the opportunity to sponsor a sign language club at the local elementary school that my two oldest boys will be attending. AND HOW COOL IS THAT?!

My first and foremost goal of becoming a Signing Time instructor was to basically "put my money where my mouth is" -- I've been wanting to learn ASL for a long time, but as a working mom of 1, 2, then 3 rambunctious boys, it was

difficult to find the time and energy (and therefore motivation) to stick to it. I also wasn't sure

how to go about getting my family to learn with me (mostly my screen-heavy boys).  I figured

that if I put out some dough for this program, that it would motivate me to stick to it and

actually learn it, and if I found a way to help support my family at the same time, well, that

would just be a bonus. I'm so thrilled to say that it's working out exactly like that. On top of

that, I've met so many awesome folks in the Deaf community (both Deaf and Hearing alike),

made some super cool new friends, discovered just how incredibly supportive my current friends

& husband are, and can now say that my kids are pretty on fire for ASL (hubby is a full-time

employee -AND- full-time Computer Engineering student so his embers are as alight as they can

be, ha!). Basically, I think we can call this a win-win-win-win. ;-) 

07.14.2015 Inaugural "Signing With Suzy" Blog Post!

Well! Here we are. #myfirstblogpost (aka "Hashtag My First Blog Post") I'm very excited about the way Signing with Suzy is progressing into a real business. I attended my first vendor expo this past weekend and it was so...long! And...fun! And...exhausting! And...exciting! Lol. I made my first product sales (woohoo!) and almost ran out of Class Interest forms (double woohoo!), and met/talked to sooooooo many people. It was a fantastic learning experience for me, too. Truly, though, I'm not only here for the business aspect. I'm very much excited to share Deaf/HOH awareness topics, connect any newly diagnosed folks with the resources they need/want, and generally just form a more cohesive network or community of folks who use ASL (both Deaf & Hearing). Thanks for joining me on this new journey!

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Image source: Random internet meme. The author of the quote is actually Unknown (aka not Steve Jobs)